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Mission & Background

The mission of the Pacific Northwest Economic Development Council is to provide a forum for networking and training within the field of economic development. 

Who We Are

The Pacific Northwest Economic Development Council (PNEDC), founded in 1959 by a group of utilities, railroads, port districts, chambers of commerce and governments, aimed to provide a forum for networking and training within the field of economic development. This mission remains today as the organization turns forty-four.  

The Council is the only regional economic development organization that encompasses the entire Pacific Northwest region including the states of Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington and the provinces of Alberta and British Columbia. Added in 2001 are the territory of the Yukon and the state of Hawaii. It seeks to provide the forum where professional economic developers can network and learn to make the overall region stronger economically.  
This forum is provided in several ways. First, the Council holds an annual conference each year to provide a face to face opportunity to network and learn. This meeting is focused on providing several professional training opportunities for those seeking to move ahead in the field of economic development. The conferences are always setup to include families and are held in resort settings throughout the region.  

The second way PNEDC provides an opportunity to learn is through the periodic publication of a newsletter. Its purpose is to provide information about what is happening throughout the region. Perhaps another community is working on a project that is of interest to you. This publication will help provide this communication.  

The latest way that the Council is working to provide a networking opportunity is through the development of this website. When completed, it will provide a broad range of information to help further the careers of those in the profession. Information available here currently includes a calendar of professional development training opportunities throughout the region and an opportunity to promote local training events. In the future, a bulletin board service will be provided where an exchange of information and questions can be ongoing.  

If you would like more information on becoming a member of PNEDC, please contact one of the Officers or the Director from your area as listed on our website, The officers and directors look forward to working with you and your organization to move the region's economy forward.  

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