In this article, we will investigate the functional capabilities of the Avast AntiTrack Premium service.

Avast AntiTrack Premium – a good alternative to keep you safe

A good antivirus program is key to the successful operation of a personal computer, a reliable defender against all sorts of viruses. Now users have at their disposal many antiviruses, each of which has both its advantages and disadvantages. Along with the antivirus, for Internet users, an anti-tracker is useful, which makes it impossible to track your actions. Let’s take a closer look at the well-known program Avast AntiTrack Premium.

Avast AntiTrack is an effective program that provides privacy on the Internet, which means that all your online activities cannot be tracked. AntiTrack provides false information about you in cookies and creates another profile where your fingerprint is masked. The program is suitable for those who are categorically afraid or do not want to be found via the Internet. Avast AntiTrack Premium gives you an opportunity to control your accounts, block ad tracking, and hide your digital footprints.

By constantly visiting various resources, you leave traces, by which you can be found. First of all, this is used by companies that distribute advertising in a not very honest way. Avast AntiTrack Premium will clean all of these traces and prevent any ads from entering your computer. Besides, there are a number of additional functions:

● Protection not only online, but also offline, by scanning the file system.
● Protection works in real-time.
● You can independently configure the security level by configuring each security algorithm separately.
● Detect attempts to track keyboard input, browser requests, and so on.

Avast AntiTrack Premium pros and cons

The list of positive and negative features of the antivirus that we are talking about today can be formulated as follows.


● the program constantly monitors the safety of the user, working in the background;
● protection is activated as soon as the computer is turned on;
● if the necessary input devices are present, it can activate fingerprint protection;
● in addition to ensuring network security, as it has already said, the program is also an offline antivirus.

● in the trial version of the product, some important functions are simply disabled.

How to use?

Now let’s go directly to the instructions for downloading and installing this software for free:

● First of all, you need to download an antivirus. To do this, go a little lower and press the button that will start the download.
● After waiting for the download of the archive with the main file to finish, unpack it using the password that we attached here.
● As soon as the installation distribution is extracted, make a double left click on it and start the installation process. The installation itself should not cause any difficulties, since you only need to confirm the requests and move from step to step.