In this article, we will explore the functionality of Xbox Design Lab in creating personal gamepads.

Create your own Xbox One controller with a new tool

Today, the Xbox One is one of the most necessary purchases, because Microsoft’s tendency is to release games not only on its consoles but also for PCs, tablets, and smartphones. Since the advent of games, controllers have a special place in our gaming arsenal. They make our lives easier compared to juggling with keyboard keys.

At the gaming show, Microsoft presented the Xbox Design Lab, a service that allows users to design their own Xbox controller. It is a personal gamepad builder with unique colors, engravings, and details. The manufacturer has made a balanced, easy to use and functional controller for all categories of gamers.

The principle of operation is quite simple: you buy your personal controller for 60$, and for another 20$ you buy a unique design. According to the company’s representatives, there are about 8 million different variations available.

Microsoft’s Xbox Design Lab is a fun useful service, which allows gamers to create Xbox controllers of any kind they can imagine. With a wide range of color options and settings that can be combined in almost any way, it’s easy to get the perfect Xbox controller to play with.

How to design an individual controller?

Don’t you like the look of your current Xbox One controller anymore? It is not a problem. You can create your own designs and personalize your new gamepad.

The process of creating your own design includes 8 stages. They are:

  • a color for the controller body,
  • for bumpers and triggers,
  • for the D-pad,
  • for the sticks,
  • for the ABXY buttons,
  • for the Menu and View keys,
  • for the rear panel itself.

Using Design Lab, the customer is free to choose the color and texture of the details personally, and thanks to the visual editor and user-friendly interface, the result is immediately visible. The Lab offers approximately 1 billion color combinations, so there is plenty to choose from. Each part of the controller is configured separately: body, back, bumpers, triggers, cross, sticks, and buttons. In addition, the controller has the same capabilities as the standard – Bluetooth connection, headphone jack and powered by two AA batteries. For an additional fee, it is possible to supply metal triggers and across, as well as rubberized handles. Besides, for non-creative gamers, there are many community-based ready-made options or designs in the colors of popular NFL football teams. Also, you can laser engrave an inscription of up to 16 characters.

The application allows you to create as many controller profiles as you need, and instantly switch between the two during the game using the built-in switch. You can view the gamepad in both 3D mode and static images.